Princeton Wins the First Game.- Harvard Weak at Bat.

At Princeton last Saturday afternoon Princeton easily won the first game of the series of games with Harvard by the score of 17 to 9. Princeton won because of her superiority at the bat, as well as through Harvard's weakness at shortstop and in the box.

Paine was ineffective and was succeeded by Haughton who pitched fairly well. Scannell caught a beautiful game. Dean and Burgess were strongest at the bat.

For Princeton, Bradley and Wheeler fielded well and Easton pitched in fine style until the eighth inning when he grew careless.

In the first Dean hit the first ball pitched to Ward, who fielded it to Kelley. Scannell gave Ward another chance and this time the Princeton shortstop threw the ball over into the bleachers and Scannell scored the first run. Burgess followed with a hit and stole second, but was fielded out on Clarkson's hit to Easton. R. Stevenson hit and so did Haughton, but Bradley shut off the run by a beautiful throw to the plate.

In the second, Princeton scored three. The third opened with a home run by Bradley. Smith knocked a single over Vincent's head, stole second, obtained third on a wild pitch and scored on Wilson's hit. Gunster also found the ball, but Wilson was forced at third by Wheeler. Titus got a hit and Ward hit at Vincent, who threw wild again, allowing Gunster to score. Scannell's error gave Wheeler a run, but Ward went out at third by Scannell's quick throw. Altman then got a home run, bringing in Easton.


In the fourth Princeton made four more runs by Bradley's two bagger. Wilson's base on balls, Gunster's home run and Vincent's error of Wheeler's hit and Ward's two bagger. Princeton added another in the sixth by Wheeler's drive over Burgess's head for four bases.

The seventh inning netted Princeton two more. Smith was hit by a pitched ball and had to leave the game. Titus took his place.

In Harvard's half Haughton and Stevenson flied out to Gunster, and then Paine, T. Stevenson and Vincent were sent to first on balls. Dean's fine single to left sent the first two over, and Vincent and Dean scored on Gunster's error of Scannell's hit. Scannell crossed the plate on Burgess's single, Burgess scoring on Clarkson's clean two bagger. Ward ended the inning by throwing Haughton out at first.

Ward's home run in the ninth gave Princeton 17. For Harvard, Dean started off with a hit, stole second and scored on Easton's wild pitch. Kelley's error gave Burgess the last run. Scannell flied out and a double play from Bradley to Wheeler ended the game.

The score:


a.b. r. b.h. p.o. a. e.

Ward, s., 6 1 2 2 5 2

Easton, p 5 1 1 0 1 0

Altman, r., 5 1 2 0 0 0