Spring Tennis Tournament.

The spring tennis tournament begins this afternoon on Jarvis field. All men who can, please be on hand at 2.30. Tennis balls may be obtained from the janitor at the Carey Building. The matches are two out of three vantage sets, except in the finals, when three out of five sets will be played. The drawings are as follows:

Preliminary Round.J. F. Brice '99 vs. D. Campbell L. S.

E. R. Marvin '99 vs. G. L. Paine '96.

H. Blanchard '98 vs. H. J. Holt '98.

R. H. Loines L. S. vs. S. M. Pierce '98.


C. B. Smith L. S. vs. W. M. Scudder '99.

J. G. Averell '99 vs. L. A. Brown '98.

R. C. Thomas '96 vs. R. T. Parke '98.

First Round.W. D. Brownell L. S. vs. M. D. Whitman '99.

E. F. Chauncey '99 vs. A. B. Lapsley '99.

H. H. Shaw '99 vs. R. W. Coues, Gr.

C. Blaikie S. vs. M. G. Beaman '99.

H. Foster '98 vs. G. A. Howe '96.

F. E. Dutton '97 vs. S. H. Derby '99.

A. Ingraham '96, vs. winner of Brice-Campbell match.