Republican Caucus.

It is imperative that every Republican delegate in the convention be present at the party caucus to be held tonight at 7.30 in Sever 11. This is a most important matter, and it is the earnest desire of the committee that this notice of the meeting be considered as an individual request to every Republican delegate to be on hand without fail.

The object of the caucus is to determine what the sentiment of the Republicans is regarding the choice for president.

The nominating speeches on the Republican side in the convention will be made by W. S. Youngman L. S., F. R. Steward '96, R. L. Fortney L. S., and W. M. Gardner '98. There will be two other speeches to nominate and second a candidate who will be brought out in the caucus tonight.

The committee has selected these subcommittees to carry on the business of the convention:

Committee on Order of Business-M. E. Stone '97, Illinois; H. F. Knight '96, Massachusetts; R. Pierson '98, Nebraska; E. Hollister '97, New York.


Committee on Resolutions-W. M. Gardner '98, Kansas; F. R. Steward '96, Montana; J. H. Choate '97, New York; T. S. Williams '96, Pennsylvania; A. S. Hyde '96, Maine; G. A. Kaven, L. S., Michigan; F. C. McLaughlin, Massachusetts.