Senior-Junior Game.

The Ninety-six Baseball Nine plays the Ninety-seven Team this afternoon at 4 o'clock, on Soldiers Field. Either Murray or Mullins will umpire. The batting order of the teams is:

'96. '97.

McCarthy, c. f. 1b., Warren.

Hoppin, s. s. 3b., Lord.

Ames, p. c., Scott.


Paine, l. f. r. f., Stevens.

Hayes, 2b. r. f., Garrison.

Armstrong, 2b. s. s., Garison.

Selfridge, 3b. s. s., Turner.

Fuller, 1b. p., Harris.

Gonterman, r. f. c. f., Nichols.

Merriman, r. f. l. f., Abbott.

Porter, c. 2b., Weld.