The Buddhis Order.

Professor Lanman will give the third and last lecture in the course on Buddhism tonight at 8 o'clock in the lecture room of the Fogg Art Museum.

An abstract of the lecture follows:

1. The order of Sangha.- Prebuddhistic monarchism.- Ascetics' rules.

2. Entrance into the Order.- Priests and lay brothers; nuns and lay sisters.- Outfit, dwelling, etc. The keeping of Vass or the Rains.- Discipline.- Daily Life.

3. Origin and founding of the great religious establishments.- Story of Jetavana monastery.- Vihara ("monastery") and Chaitya (approximately "chapel.")


4. Lantern pictures showing the early monkish dwellings and typical specimens of Viharas and Chaityas (Bhaja, Kennery, Karli, Ajanta).-The sculptures and frescoes of Ajanta.