Lacrosse Team Loses.

[Associated Press.]

HOBOKEN, N. J., May 15.- Stevens defeated Harvard at lacrosse today by five goals to two. The line-up was:


Sophie, Goal, Scott.

Buckley, Point, Sand.

Willett, Cover-point, Starr.

Brune, First defence, Woods.

Greble, Second defence, Abbe.

Lent, Third defence, Dearborn.

Weichert, Centre, Horne.

Hardy, Third attack, Beecher.

Bruckner, Second attack, Leighton.

Kelly, First attack, Curtis.

Jennings, Outside home, Burleigh.

McBeth, Inside home, Ring.

In the first half Jennings shot two goals and Kelley one for Stevens. For Harvard, Beecher and Burleigh each threw one goal. In the second, Kelley made two goals, but Harvard did not score.

This game practically makes Stevens sure of the championship and the Canadian cup.