PI ETA SOCIETY.- All men in the Alcayde be at the Union station at 4.50 to go to Lynn.

HARVARD UNION.- Picture to be taken Saturday, May 23, at 1 p. m., in rear of Sever.

H. D. BUSHNELL, Sec.FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 7 o'clock sharp.


M. S. SAVAGE.'96 BASEBALL.- The following men be on Soldiers Field at 3.30 dressed to play against '97: Hayes, Wrenn, Selfridge, Paine, Bowser, Hoppin, O'Malley, McCarthy, Scott, Armstrong.


E. W. AMES, Capt.ADVOCATE.- Meeting at sanctum to night at 7.30. Discussion of important business. All editors be present.

Manuscripts will be discussed with candidates from five to six o'clock.

R. P. UTTER.SAMOSET CLUB.- All members who can not be present at the annual dinner on Friday, May 22, at 7 p. m., must notify the historian at once.

'VARSITY GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal today at 5 sharp.

R. L. SCAIFE.ENGLISH C.- The picture of the class will be taken back of Sever on Thursday, May 21, at 3 p. m. No caps and gowns.

M. G. SEELIG.CRICKET ELEVEN.- The following men will be at Longwood at 2 p. m., dressed to play: Scott, Wells, Gray, Hastings, Morgan, Lippincott, Comfort, Blanchard, Byrd, Duckering, Clark.

P. H. CLARK, Capt.CUTLER SCHOOL CLUB.- There will be an important meeting tonight at 7.30 in Claverly 5 to complete the organization of the Cutler School Club. Every member of Cutler's School now in College is urged to be present.