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To the Editors of the Crimson:

The following extract is interesting, as showing that the right spirit permeates Illinois in regard to raising the national colors over our schools and colleges:

"The trustees of the University of Illinois have been indicted by the grand jury of Champaign County for neglecting to raise the American flag over the university buildings, in accordance with a recent act of the legislature. There are laws which fall into disuse, and statutes that are mentioned only with contempt; but it is a pleasure to feel that our flag laws are not made to be laughed at and disregarded-but to be respected and obeyed. The sentiment they embody is too important to be trifled with."

The writer feels that he is voicing the opinion of a great number of his fellows when he says that, though there is no statute in Massachusetts requiring Harvard College to fly the American flag over her buildings, it is right and proper that it should be done. Thought we may not to able to indict our trustees for their neglect, we may at least persuade them to raise the stars and stripes over University Hall. A flag would cost little. Who shall say that it would detract from beauty of the yard? I hope sincerely that at Memorial Day Harvard will show her patriotism not only by her enthusiasm at Sanders Theatre but by raising the country's flag over her historic halls.