BAND AND DRUM CORPS.- This afternoon there will be a rehearsal of both the band and drum corps at 5.20 p. m. sharp. It is hoped that all those fellows who have played in any of the rehearsals heretofore, will turn up, as only a few days remain in which to practice. The rehearsal will only last for about twenty minutes but this period will undoubtedly be used in marching. Everyone meet in the Engineering Laboratory.

CRIMSON.- Last meeting of the year will be held tonight at 7.30 in the sanctum.

THE Trilby's desire to arrange games with other nines. Address, S. Barnum, Mgr., Law School.

Y. M. C. A.- This afternoon the picture of the Y. M. C. A. members will be taken back of Sever at 4 o'clock sharp.

E. W. CAPEN, Sec.HARVARD UNION.- The taking of the picture has been postponed till Thursday, May 28, at 1.15 p. m., back of Sever. It is hoped that every member will come, for the picture must be taken on that date.


H. D. BUSHNELL, Sec.THE group photograph of the Delta Upsilon will be taken back of Sever, Tuesday, May 26, at 1.15.

G. W. MATHEWS, Sec.HARVARD FORUM.- Picture of old and new members to be taken Wednesday, May 27, at rear of Sever.

THE Chess Club picture will be taken Wednesday at half past one instead of at one as heretofore announced.

O. D. HAMMOND.ELECTRICAL SECTION.- There will be a meeting at 7 this evening, at No. 4 Perkins.

F. C. LEWIS, Ch.CLASS OF '96 HARVARD LAW SCHOOL.- The photograph of the graduating class of '96 will be taken (by Pach) on the steps of the Law School, Tuesday, May 26, at half-past five o'clock in the afternoon. It is necessary that all members of the class, both on their own account and for the sake of their classmates, should make it a point to be present.

CHARLES H. FISKE, JR., Secretary.

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