Weld Boat Club Crew.

The crew of the Weld Boat Club which has been on the river since the opening of the spring season, is now rowing in a shell daily under the coaching of W. S. Youngman L. S. There have been several changes in the make-up of the eight during the last few weeks and the order of rowing yesterday was:


Stroke, Blake '99, 150

7 DuBois '98, 155

6 Dexter '97, 170


5 Crocker '98, 165

4 Howard '98, 163

3 Warner '98, 158

2 Dobyns '98, 149

Bow, Butler '98, 155

The work of the crew so far has been fairly good; their time is rather poor and they have the common fault of rushing their slides, but they are getting considerable speed, the boat rides well on the keel, and there is no stop between strokes.

Owing to lack of entries, it is still uncertain whether the regular races of the club will be held, and if there are any who wish to form four-oared crews, they are again urged to do so at once. But on the seventeenth of June, Bunker Hill Day, there will be races held by the New England Amateur Rowing Association, in which the Weld eight will be entered. The crews of the Riverside, Bradford, B. A. A. and Shawmut clubs will also compete, and from the appearance of the crews on the river, the Weld eight compares favorably with its opponents.

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