Prospect Union.

The election of officers of the Prospect Union last night resulted as follows:

President, R. E. Ely.

Vice-president, C. J. Wood.

Corresponding secretary, C. D. Drew '97.

Treasurer, F. W. Palfrey '98.


Auditor, F. M. Foster.

Librarian, Bertram Gardner '97.

Steward, A. MacDonald.

Chairman House Committee, F. H. Thomas.

Recording secretary, J. O. Gould.

Chairman Committee on Classes, H. W. Foote '97.

Chairman Committee on Social Talks, Harrington.

Chairman Lecture Committee, H. G. Gray '97.

Chairman Membership Committee, C. A. Sievwright.

Executive Committee, Professor F. G. Peabody, H. W. Poor, W. H. Nagle, M. A. Bridgham, D. Anderson.