Promenade Concert.

The programme for the promenade concert this evening is:

1. March, "Queen of Sheba," Gounod.

2. Overture, "Raymond," A. Thomas.

3. Waltz, "Puppenfee," Bayer.

4. Selection, "Poor Jonathan," Millocker.


5. Selection, "Cavalleria Rusticana," Mascagni.

6. Blissful Dream, Meyer-Helmund.

7. Funeral March of a Marionette, Gounod.

8. Finale to Act I, "Lohengrin," Wagner.

9. Overture, "Zampa," Herold.

10. Waltz, "Grubenlichter," Zeller.

11. Polka, "The Mill," Strauss.

12. March, "Fra Bombarda," Czibulka.