Weld Crew Beats B. A. A.

The Weld Crew, made up of members of the Weld Boat Club, rowed a mile race with the B. A. A. Senior Crew yesterday afternoon, beating them by a length. The Weld Crew rowed 30 to 36 strokes to the minute; the B. A. A. crew 34 to 38. The especially strong points of the Weld Crew are that it rows a long, sweeping stroke and that the shell does not lose its headway between strokes. The make-up and weights of the crew are as follows:

Stroke, Dobyns '98, 150

7. Dubois '98, 150

6. Stevens '97, 163

5. Crocker '98, 165


4. Howard '98 163

3. Butler '98, 158

2. Hall '97, 160

Bow, Youngman, L. S., 162

The annual races of the Weld Boat Club, which were to have taken place today, have been postponed until next week.