Bureau of Information at Room 2, University Hall.

The committee for the reception of students may be found in University 2, tomorrow from 9 a. m. till 4 p. m. Professors Shaler, Peabody, de Sumichrast, Howard, Cummings, Messrs. Williams, Coolidge, R. H. Stevenson '97, J. H. Perkins '98, and M. Donald '99. This committee will be assisted by about forty undergraduates, two or three being present each hour.

The object of the committee is to give new members of the University such information as will aid them in choosing their courses and finding accommodations, such as the distribution of circulars, elective and departmental pamphlets, maps of Cambridge, lists of rooms and boarding houses, whereabouts of officers of instruction and government, buildings, streets, etc. Inquiries concerning college studies, examinations, admissions, etc., are to be referred to the Recorder, in Room 4, University Hall.

Some one of the Faculty members of the committee will be present at various times, and inquiries may also be referred to any one of them.

The printed circular on the opening of the college year contains a directory of all advisors, representatives of departments, instructors, administrative officers and chairmen of committees. This circular may be had at University 2.

The undergraduates who are to assist the committee today are as follows:


Wednesday, September 30.

9 a. A. Scott, J. Dean.

10 a. C. M. Weld, F. M. Weld.

11. a. J. H. Hyde, L. H. Parkhurst.

12. a. A. Z. Reed, A. A. Bryant.

1 p. W. K. Otis, H. D. Scott.

2 p. R. B. Carter, L. B. Valentine.

3 p. H. B. Huntington, J. P. Hayden.

eception by Graduate Club.

A committee of the Graduate Club will in University 24 on Thursday, October 1, from 9 to 1, for the reception of (??) graduate students. This committee will give information and assistan concerning departmets and courses in the Graduate School to all those who need such.

metting of Welcome in Sanders.

On Monday eveing, October 5, a metting of welcome to new members of the University will be held in Sanders There. Brief addresses will be made by members of the teaching and governing pards of the University. The list of sakers will be announced in a later issue After the meeting in Sanders a relation to new students will be held in Memorial Hall, where refreshments will be arrived.