The 'Varsity Wins Through Good Generalship in the Second Half.

The eleven defeated Dartmouth on Saturday by the score of 13 to 0 in a game which aside from being interesting and closely contested, was in many particulars remarkable. Had it not been for Dartmouth's poor judgment in the first half, in relying on her backs, instead of kicking, when a strong west wind was favoring them, the score would doubtless have been different. They were blindly led into this rushing game by finding the Harvard line unreliable during the first few minutes of play. The ball was quickly advanced to the 30 yard line and there Harvard held for downs. Overconfidence in her backs alone could have caused Dartmouth to overlook the advisability of punting at such a critical time.

Harvard, on the other hand, availed herself of every opportunity, simply outgeneralling Dartmouth in her knowledge of the game. In the second half, a kicking game was begun at once, and when Dartmouth was forced to punt, her backs were so exhausted that the ball either was blocked or fell short. Inability to catch a punt, on the part of Crolius was also directly responsible for the safety scored during this half.

The Dartmouth backs were better ground gainers than Harvard's. They rushed fearlessly and with a vim and dash that was not in the least characteristic of Dibblee, Haughton and Brown. The Harvard backs did not seem to be together. There was confusion as to the signals, no unison in their starting and oftentimes they were off before the ball was snapped. These faults may be remedied in time, but the running of the backs on Saturday was unmistakable evidence that there has got to be a rapid stride for the better, in their team play. Dibblee worked hard but failed to show up as creditably as he has in the previous games this year. On round the end plays, which have been his strong point, he was by no means a sure gainer, but in no single instance did the interference get well together. In this particular, Haughton especially seemed to run aimlessly, and to have no settled idea as to the play and where he should be. In his kicking, he showed up promisingly. His punts, with the wind favoring, were not only long but very well placed and high enough to give the ends ample time to get down well. He was slow in starting however, and his rushing was mediocre. Brown aiso was slow. He fumbled a great deal and punted miserably. The offensive play of the backs was on the whole discouraging. Double passes and end around the other end plays nearly always resulted in a loss of ground. Cabot gained on these plays once or twice and with good support might have done better, but it is safe to say that unless materially strengthened by interference such plays are impracticable. The guards and tackles did the bulk of ground gaining, Bouve and Donald proving themselves strong in plunging through the line.

On the defense, Wheeler and Bouve played erratically, at one time breaking through and tackling strongly and at another allowing large gains to be made directly through them. The loss of Doucette at centre was much in evidence as Burden was slow and almost a barrier to the backs on centre plays. Cabot and Moulton got into the plays in rare form, tackled strongly, and were always well down on punts.

The story of the game is practically that of the second half, when all the scoring was done. MacAndrew kicked off and Haughton returned to Crolius. Harvard then held for downs and Crolius missed Haughton's punt which rolled over the line. Eckstorm falling on it for a safety. Cabot caught the kick out and Cochrane failed at a place goal from the 45 yard line. After an interval of gains and losses on both sides, Eckstorm made a short punt which Cochrane caught fair on the 10 yard line, and from which he kicked an easy goal. Eckstorm kicked off, and after a series of unsuccessful rushes by Dartmouth, Bouve blocked Crolius's punt and Wheeler fell on the ball on the 8 yard line. Rushes by Dibblee, Donald and Bouve carried the ball over the line, and Cochrane kicked an easy goal.

The line-up and summary follows:



Cabot, l. e r. e., Cavanaugh.

Wheeler, l. t. r. t., Place.

Bouve, l. g. r. g., Walker.

Burden, c. c., Rogers.

Shaw, r. g. l. g., Low.

Donald, r. t. l. t., Putnam.

Moulton, r. e. l. e., Walker, Edwards.

Cochrane, q. b. q. b., Wentworth.

Dibblee, l. h. b. r. h. b., Crolius, Whalen.

Brown, r. h. b. l. h. b., Eckstorm.

Haughton, f. b. f. b., MacAndrew, f. b., Crolius.

Score-Harvard 13, Dartmouth 0. Touchdown-Bouve. Goal from touch-downs-Cochrane. Safety-Crolius. Goal from place kick-Cochrane. Umpire-H. Cross, Yale. Referee-H. Letton, Yale. Linesmen-Richardson, Harvard, and Bartlett, Dartmouth. Timekeeper-F. Wood, B. A. A.