Injured Men Rejoin Squad.- Team Leaves This Afternoon for West Point.

The 'Varsity squads went through a very light afternoon's work yesterday. There was no line-up of the 'Varsity proper, although the substitute and second elevens played together for a short while.

Doucette was out again and took his old place at centre. Sullivan was on the field but did not join in the plays and Cozzens also had recovered sufficiently to play at half on the second. All of the time was devoted to running through the codes, in order that the backs might become more familiar with them and to strengthening the individual play of the line men. For this reason the plays went slowly and particular attention was paid to formation and to getting each man in the proper place.

This afternoon at 4.45 the team leaves the Park square station for West Point where they play Saturday.

Coach Forbes will resume charge of the men early next week.