English 6.

Debate for Tuesday, Nov. 2, '97.

Question: "Resolved, That the city of Boston should adopt a city council of a single chamber with appropriate powers."

Affirmative.M. J. G. Cunniff '98, and C. H. Batchelder 1L.

Best general references: Shaw, Municipal Govt. in Gr. Br.; Acts of Mass. Gen'l Court, 1897, Chaps. 361 and 440. Boston daily papers for Oct., 1897.

Negative.G. C. Beals '98, and A. L. Bloom '98.

Best general references: A. R. Conklin: City Gov't in the U. S., Chaps. I, III, XIX; James Bryce, Amer. Common-wealth I, Chaps. L, LI; C. W. Eliot, Forum XII, 165; T. N. Hart; N. A. Review 153, 580.