'Varsity Rowing.

The fall rowing of the University candidates has been confined thus far to the fours. There are four regular crews rowing, and besides these, about ten spare men who do daily work in pairs and singles. Several changes have been made during the past week in the order of the crew. J. H. Perkins and C. C. Bull have joined the football squad, and McDuffie has stopped rowing temporarily. H. Adams '98, has been appointed captain of Perkins's crew and Clarke Thomson '99, of Bull's. The withdrawal of these men has necessitated changes. Thomson has taken Bull's place at stroke, and Fitzgerald is rowing 2. Coleman and Higginson have both been at 3, but Higginson is most likely to retain the place.

In Adams's crew, Marvin has taken Perkins's place at 3, and Robinson who rowed bow in the Weld junior crew last spring has been put in at bow in Marvin's place. Captain Goodrich is now stroking his crew. The order of the boat changes constantly, but Blake is usually at 2 and DuBois at bow. J. F. Perkins's boat has been rowing now for two weeks with a regular make up and is going at present more smoothly than the others.

No definite date has as yet been set for the race, as it depends upon Mr. Lehmann's arrival. It will in all probability take place Saturday, November 6th, Mr. Lehmann being expected on the 3d.

The make-up of the four crews as they are now rowing is as follows:


Stroke, Goodrich '98; 3, DuBois '98; 2, Blake '99; bow, Adams '99; cox., Plumb '99.

Subs., McBurney '98, Dobyns '98, McDuffie '99, Pierce 1900.


Stroke, Biddle 1990; 3, Perkins '99; 2, Brown 1900; bow, Wood '98; cox., Howe 1901.

Subs., Conroy '99, Kinnicutt '98; Davis '99; Butler '98.


Stroke, Adams '98; 3 Marvin '99; 2, Byrd 1900; bow, Robinson '98; cox., Orton 2B.

Subs., Garrett '99; Barnes '99.


Stroke, Thomson '99; 3, Higginson 1900; 2, Fitzgerald 1900; bow, Heath 1900, cox., Rock 1900.

Sub., Coleman '99.