Freshman Glee Club.

The trials of candidates for the Freshman Glee Club brought out about forty-five men of whom twenty-nine have been retained for further trial. The quality of the voices was very satisfactory and shows that the prospects for a successful club are bright. The men retained for further trial are:

1st Tenor-B. Taylor, I. L. V. Powers, A. E. Minard, H. H. Murdock, H. C. Hawkins.

2nd Tenor-A. H. Wadsworth, R. S. Hardy, T. N. Pease, H. F. Newhall, B. H. Ellis, R. S. Greene.

1st Bass-C. T. Hanson, W. H. Smith, C. W. Locke, P. L. Fish, A. W. Robinson, J. McC. Ross, G. N. Morrill, L. Ward, M. J. Tobey, H. McK. Jones.

2nd Bass-W. A. Frost, J. G. Brackett, M. H. Wentworth, R. S. H. Dyer, M. W. Randall, C. H. Wyman, C. H. Stix, H. R. Brigham.

The first rehearsal will be held in a week or two. If the material does not prove promising, it may be necessary to hold another trial. N. H. Pride will act as temporary leader.