Outline of Their Work and Development This Season.

NEW HAVEN, Nov. 18, 1897.- Freshman football at Yale this season has been of an exceptionally poor order. One reason for this may have been that an unusually large part of the University squad has been made up from 1901. This fact, combined with the lack of heavy men, has handicapped the freshmen eleven all the fall.

No fullback has been developed who has shown ability in kicking, and here lies one weak point in the team. The line one weak point in the team. The line is not strong and the backs are not up to the average. There is a tendency, displayed in the past few weeks, toward offside play and holding. The ends are the strongest positions. The play on the whole shows considerable snap.

A. S. Goodwin 1900, J. C. Greenway 1900, and G. S. Chauncey 98S., have had charge of the work throughout the season, and Sanford 97 L. S., has given them considerable aid. In the games this fall the eleven has shown that it was handicapped by lack of weight. Preparatory schools like Williston and Hotchkiss have either tied or defeated the freshmen, and Andover won from them by a score of 14 to 0.

During the week preceding the game with Princeton 1901, the team showed great improvement over its previous work, and there began to be some evidences of united effort and systematic work. In the game last Saturday the freshmen used their mass plays to good effect and easily outplayed their opponents, making one touchdown, which was not allowed on account of darkness, the final score being Yale 1901, 10; Princeton 1901, 0.

The practice during the present week has been hard and snappy. No radical changes have been made, and there has been no particular development shown.