Cap and Gown Announcement.

To the Editors of the Crimson:

The Class Day Committee have considered what kind of gown may be worn previous to Class Day. We have conferred with Professor Morgan, who is the Commencement marshal, and he has informed us that it is absolutely necessary to wear the regulation bachelor's gown on Commencement Day. He also says that there would be no objection to wearing these gowns after the April recess. We, therefore, feeling that the large majority of the class would object to purchasing two gowns, have decided on the bachelor's gown for use in the spring.

The point about a distinctive Harvard gown is not well taken for, before Commencement, Harvard men will never have occasion to be distinguished from other colleges, and, after Commencement, the hood with the crimson lining, which they must wear, will distinguish them. The Corporation have voted to abide by the rules of the Intercollegiate Gown Commission which have adopted the bachelor's gown uniformly through-out the American colleges.