Ground to be Filled in.- Track Around Football Field.

The sum of $15,000 which was recently appropriated by the Corporation for the improvement of Soldiers Field will be spent chiefly in filling in and altering the sub-soil. The wetness of the field which has caused so much trouble is due to the character of the ground, which in places consists of heavy clay and marsh land.

It is proposed to remove this in part and replace it with gravel and loam which will permit the water to percolate through to the excellent system of pipe drains which is now to a great extent useless because the water can not sink through. It is estimated that 10,000 cubic yards of new earth will be needed.

The 'Varsity football field will probably be moved to the corner where the Freshmen have played heretofore. The track will be built around this field and outside both will be placed steel framed seats like those planned for Holmes Field.