F. Dobyns '98, G. H. Dorr '97, and S. R. Wrightington '97 will Speak.

The trial debate to choose Harvard's representatives for the Harvard-Yale debate was held last evening in Sever 11. There was a large audience present and the standard of speaking was on the whole very good. In all, twenty-two men spoke.

The judges unanimously selected the following men to speak against Yale: F. Dobyns '98, G. H. Dorr '97 and S. R. Wrightington '97; alternate, W. H. Conroy '99. They further recommended that the men chosen make use of the assistance of G. L. Paine Gr., in preparing for the debate. Four of these five men are members of the Harvard Forum.

The judges were Professors Hart, Taussing, Ames and Macvane and Mr. Hayes. W. E. Hutton L. S. Presided.

The following men spoke in addition to those chosen: E. F. Southworth '97, A. M. Fulton '97, G. L. Paine Gr., A. O. Eliason '97, F. Hendrick '97, F. S. Bailey '97, W. L. Baker L. S., W. L. Leighton Sp., H. W. Beal '97, C. R. Colburn L. S., G. Newhall '98, V. H. Smith '98, C. F. Gregg Div., C. H. Smith L. S., P. G. Carleton '99, W. B. Parker '97, J. H. Potts '97, F. R. Steward L. S.