CIVIL SERVICE REFORM CLUB.- A number of subscriptions to Good Government expired with the December number. These can not be renewed until the annual dues have been paid.

JOHN R. PROCTER, JR., Sec.98 6

LACROSSE TEAM.- All candidates for the lacrosse team report at the Gymnasium at 3.30 today.

B. T. BURLEY, Capt.'98 CREW.- Be at Gymnasium dressed to exercise at 5.15.

H. ADAMS.'99 CREW.- All be dressed to row in the Carey Building at 11 a. m. sharp today.

B. H. DIBBLEE.C. L. S. ALUMNI DINNER.- The committee in charge of the annual dinner of the C. L. S. alumni wishes to remind all graduates of the school now in the University that the list for the dinner must be made up today. To avoid great inconvenience all men should send in their names immediately. As the dinner takes place the last day of the mid-years, every Cambridge man in College should be present. Notify C. A. McGrew, 71 Walker St.

J. F. OSBOBN G., C. A. MCGREW '97, H. N. STEARNS '99 Committee.