Fact and Rumor.

Profess R. G. H. Barton of Technology who expected to speak at the Geological Conference tonight will be unable to do so.

The Weld Boat Club hopes to have its float out by Wednesday, and in such case the crews will be put on the river one at a time as they show improvement.

Manager Valentine of the College nine has arranged the following games since the schedule was published in the CRIMSON: April 23, Tufts at Medford; May 5, Marlboro A. A. at Marlboro. The only remaining open date is May 26.

The 'Varsity crew rowed one short stretch up river and back yesterday. As Mr. Mumford was not out Goodrich coached from the launch. After the eight rowed, Goodrich had Bull and Wrightington out in the pair-oar.

With the appearance of the next number of the Harvard Law Review the magazine will have completed ten years of its history. To celebrate this anniversary a dinner will be held at Young's Hotel on April 3, to which all past and present editors are invited.

The Sophomore crew did not row yesterday. Dibblee took the men for a sixmile run to Belmont, returning by way of Spy Pond. Davy yesterday finished fixing the pair-oar which was bought last week. The shell which the crew used at Poughkeepsie is being altered to meet the new requirements and will be done this week.