Freshman Glee Club.

Although the Freshman Glee Club was slow in organizing at the beginning of the year, the club is now doing fair work and holds two rehearsals a week in preparation for the regular concerts which will be given in May. Seven songs are being practiced: "The Miller's Song," "Schneider's Band," "Johnny Harvard," "Fair Harvard," "Rhine Wine Song," "Watermill," and "Man in the Moon."

The following men are now trying for the club:

First tenors-G. B. Root, E. Gray, R. Hoe, H. B. Harley, H. H. Fiske, J. M. Glidden, C. P. Hatch, M. Lowery, A. L. Richards.

Second tenors-K. K. Carrick, G. H. Bunton, R. Haughton, F. W. Aldred, H. G. Parchen, H. W. Welch, H. J. Davenport.

First basses-W. B. Flandrau, G. S. Parker, T. M. Shaw, R. W. Bliss, A. T. Winslow, J. H. Lee, R. B. Bedford, H. S. Howard, C. B. Dunham, C. O. Swain, J. B. Hawes, H. S. Eliot, S. S. Fitzgerald.

Second Basses-A. L. Richardson M. Seasongood, E. C. Carter, L. B. Brown, W. C. Heilman, H. W. Kidder, L. Warren, J. D. G. Oglesby, F. R. E. Dolan.

L. C. Williams is the accompanist.