M. I. T. Entries.

The following Harvard men will compete in the annual open scratch games of the M. I. T., which will be held Saturday at the Gymnasium on Exeter street:

35 yds. dash (novice).

J. De K. Towner '98, E. J. Sanderson 1900, A. L. Dean 1900, W. W. McNeil '99, F. C. Kidner 1900, J. Frank 1900, E. H. Smith 1900, L. B. Canterbury '99, G. M. Leupp '99.

35 Yds. Dash.

J. S. Dunstan 1900, F. H. Bigelow '98, H. L. Williams '97, A. A. Boyden '98.

40 Yds. High Hurdles.

H. L. Williams '97, N. P. Hallowell '97.

Pole Vault.

A. B. Emmons '98, E. D. Brooks '99, R. H. Morrison '99, W. W. Hoyt M. S.

Running High Jump.

J. D. Dole '99, W. G. Morse '99, F. Holt '99.