Official Notice.

FINE ARTS 4.- The lecture will be given today (Tuesday, 13th April) in the lecture room of the Fogg Museum.

C. E. NORTON.GERMAN A, Sections III and IV.- Hour examination Wednesday, April 14, at 10 and 11 o'clock respectively in Lower Dane.

W. G. HOWARD.ENGLISH 322.- Reading for Tuesday, April 13: Beaumont and Fletcher: "Philaster" "The Knight of the Burning Castle." The Mermaid Series contains the chief plays.

Mr. Cotton's hour for consultation on the reports is Friday at 3.30 in Hilton A.

GEOLOGY 5.- Excursions for Tuesday and Wednesday. Meet at Union Station, Boston; tickets for Beach Bluff. Section A, train leaves at 8.25 a. m.; sections B and C. at 2.15 p. m.

J. E. WOODMAN.ENGLISH C.- The third forensic, with the third brief, will be due Saturday, April 17. The rewritten second forensic will be due Saturday, May 1, instead of April 12.