Special Notice.

PHOTOGRAPHIC Printing and Developing for amateurs. Lantern slides and bromide enlargements made to order. Glue mountings in albums or on cards for portfolios a specialty. K. M. Hill, 181 Tremont street, Boston, Mass.; take elevator. 38 15*

WILL the person who took my hat from the reading room of the Library between one and two p. m. yesterday (4-26-'97) kindly return it. C. F. Sherman, 25 College House.

FLYING DUTCHMEN.- The vocal score of "The Flying Dutchmen," will be ready May 19. Advance orders taken at Briggs and Briggs's, Cambridge, and at all music stores in Boston. Price $1.25 net. 54 6

BOARD for one student in a German family. Excellent opportunity to converse in German. 1653 Cambridge street, opposite Felton Hall.

LOST, before recess, a gold watch chain, in south entry of Weld. Finder please return to 9 Weld.


A POSITION is open in which a smart young fellow could earn a nince little sum working afternoons. Address Noyes Bros., Washington street, Boston.

WE have about fifty groups and shingles that we have framed for Harvard men that have not been called for. I trust the parties who ordered them will come to studio and get them within the next few days and oblige

H. WM. TUPPER, Manager.53-3

LOST.- A silver pencil in Gore Hall, the Yard, or Sever Hall. Finder will return to the office of the Crimson and receive reward.

AGENTS WANTED-For War in Cuba, by Senor Quesada, Cuban representative at Washington. Endorsed by Cuban patriots. In temendous demand. A bonanza for agents. Only $1.50. Big book, big commissions. Everybody wants the only endorsed, reliable book. Outfits free. Credit given, Freight paid. Drop all trash, and make $300 a month with War in Cuba. Address today, The National Book Concern, 352-356 Dearborn St., Chicago. 33-30t

HANDSOME matched pair for sale.- Perfectly matched pair jet black pacing mares, excellent breeding, seven and eight years old, 1900 pounds, safe and sound and drive like one horse. Great roaders. One has been used by a lady under the saddle. One has a record of 2.11 1-2, other 2.26. Address, Box 2, Cambridge, Mass. 50 6

"LIFE AT HARVARD."- Robert Grant '73 and E. S. Martin '77, have made the Harvard contribution for the "Scribner's Magazine" articles on "Undergraduate Life at American Universities." W. H. Hyde has drawn the illustrations, from life. The Harvard articles appear in the May number, which is now ready.

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