The Class Crews.

During the spring vacation the class crews have been hard at work, all but '97 rowing regularly twice a day. Ninety-nine is the only crew whose order has been changed, owing to Whitbeck's going to the 'Varsity. All the crews are now settled in their order, and the remaining time will be spent in making their work smoother.

Ninety-seven is rowing a much shorler stroke than the other crews and do not seem to be improving very much. Their work is still very ragged ahd irregular, and, if they win, it will be by their strength alone, for their form is far below that of the other crews. Their order is at prsent: Stroke, Sleeper; 7, Sullivan; 6, Dunlop; 5, Duffield; 4, Dexter; 3, Capen; 2, Saunders; bow, Rantoul.

Ninety-eight is rowing very well, though they show a slight tendency to shorten. Their leg drive is fair, but they do not get a very good body swing. Their order is: Stroke, H. Adams; 7, Moulton; 6, Ames; 5, Wadsworth; 4, Marvin; 3, Fuller; 2, Kinnicutt; bow, T. Adams.

The '99 crew was considerably broken up by the removal of Whitbeck, and it was necessary to make several changes. Blake was put in at 6, Marvin going to 5. Adams has been unable to row during the past week and Farley has been rowing in his place at 3. The crew is rowing longer than the others, but have considerable difficulty in keeping the boat on an even keel. The order yesterday was: Stroke, Boardman; 7, McDuffie; 6, Blake; 5, Marvin; 4, Donald; 3, Farley; 2, Swift; bow, Dibblee.

The Freshmen have not yet gone into a shell, so it is hard to speak finally of their work, but in the barge they have been improving rapidly under Mr. Lehmann's coaching. They will have to do a lot of work in the next few weeks, however, for heretofore they have been very far below par. Yesterday the order was considerably changed. Biddle went to stroke, Byrd to 6, and Howard took Glidden's place at 4. The order was as follows: Stroke, Biddle; 7, Higginson; 6, Byrd; 5, Heath; 4, Howard; 3, Tilton; 2, Brown; bow, Saltonstall.


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