Southern Baseball Trip.- Other Athletic News.- Yale Debate.

The work of the university baseball team, under the careful training of coach Earle, gradually increased in excellence, in anticipation of the southern trip. Of the five games played in the South, Princeton suffered but one defeat and that at the hands of the Baltimore league team. Of the two games scheduled with Georgetown, Princeton won both by the scores of 10 to 1 and 15 to 7 respectively. The fourth game of the trip was played on April 20 with the University of Virginia at Charlottesville. Princeton won an easy victory by the score of 9 to 3. With the game against the University of North Carolina on April 21 the schedule for the southern tour this year ended. The game resulted in a victory for Princeton by the score of 9 to 2. In this contest the all round work of the team was the best that has been seen this season. Considering the tour as a whole, the chief features were the unusually fine pitching of Jayne and the excellent work of Bradley and Butler. Since the team's return on Thursday last, there have been light practices, with a game on Saturday against the Pennsylvania State College which resulted in a victory for Princeton by a score of 11 to 1.

President Patton recently received a letter from the New Brunswick Presbytery, to which Princeton belongs, protesting against the playing of athletic games on Saturdays, on the ground that there was great desecration of the Sabbath, on the day following, by those connected with the games. In regard to the matter suitable action has been taken by the president.

The new one-third of a mile clay bicycle track has been completed and the squad has begun active practice under "Joe" Harrison, who has been engaged as professional trainer. The work of the squad at present consists of a five mile ride at an easy gait in the morning and another of the same distance but at a faster pace in the afternoon. The following men are at present on the squad: Andrews '98, McFarland '98, Bowden '99, Galt '99, Hutchinson '99, Brooks 1900, Dean 1900, Haight 1900, Le Boutillier 1900, and Saks 1900.

Much interest is shown in the coming debate against Yale. The inter-hall preliminary Yale debate was held shortly before the Easter vacation, upon the question, "Resolved, That the power of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives is detrimental to public interests." The judges chose to represent Princeton in the final Yale debate R. F. Sterling '97, N. S. Reeves '99, H. H. Yocum '98, and Jay Lee '98 alternate. The speakers are all members of the American Whig Society.

The three artists' positions on the '99 Bric-a Brace committee, which were awarded by competition, have been announced as follows: J. H. Kinney, N. Y.; O. S. Kellogg, N. J.; and M. Moody, Mo.


The inter-class mile relay race which was run on Saturday afternoon for the trophy cup was won by the '97 team, which consists of Grover, Brokaw, Robb and Jamison.

The executive committee of the athletic association at a recent meeting elected B. H. Thompson '97 chairman of the committee in place of Andrews '97, whose term of office has expired. Upon motion it was decided that junior managers of freshman baseball and football teams be allowed to wear their own class numerals.