Special Notice.

MOSELEY'S New Haven House, New Haven, Conn., Seth H. Moseley, is the only house in the city fronting both the Yale Campus and the City Green. The only hotel in the city that has been under the same successful management for the past thirty years. 33 20

WEINSCHENK announces new lines of negligee shirts in latest styles in both Madras and Flannel. Large line of samples for custom shirts at reasonable prices. Fit guaranteed.

FOR SALE.- Neue's Formenlehre, latest edition, with register by Wagener. Address, A. T. Dudley, 4 Brimmer Street, Boston.

SCRIBNER'S beautiful edition of Kipling. Their celebrated Thistle edition of Stevenson. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 's superb edition of Hawthorne, Lowell, Emerson, Holmes, Whittier and Long-fellow (350 choice engravings; the only illustrated edition published). Villon's edition of the Arabian Nights (unexpurgated), very rare. All the standard authors in all bindings, all editions. All books or sets published, complete sets delivered at once and payments of $1.00 or $2.00 per month entirely satisfactory. Lowest cash prices guaranteed. Address, X, CRIMSON office. 57 2t

COLLEGE POSITIONS OPEN.- We have been asked to recommend candidates for the following college positions: Professor of Physics, Engineering and Meteorology ($2000), English Literature ($2400), Greek ($1200), Latin and Greek ($1000), Mathematics ($1200), Science ($1200), Modern Languages ($1000), English ($1200), Philosophy ($1100), Instructor in Chemistry ($800), Beacon Teachers' Agency, 731 and 832 Tremont Temple, Boston. 57 3

AGENTS WANTED-For War in Cuba, by Senor Quesada, Cuban representative at Washington. Endorsed by Cuban patriots. In tremendous demand. A bonanza for agents. Only $1.50. Big book, big commissions. Everybody wants the only endorsed, reliable book. Outfits free. Credit given. Freight paid. Drop all trash, and make $300 a month with War in Cuba. Address today, The National Book Concern, 352-356 Dearborn St., Chicago. 33-30t

"LIFE AT HARVARD."- Robert Grant '73 and E. S. Martin '77, have made the Harvard contribution for the "Scribner's Magazine" articles on "Undergraduate Life at American Universities." W. H. Hyde has drawn the illustrations, from life. The Harvard articles appear in the May number, which is now ready.

A special inducement is being ofered to Harvard students who subscribe for Scribner's Magazine this month. Apply, Scribner's, care of Harvard Crimson.

FLYING DUTCHMEN.- The vocal score of "The Flying Dutchmen," will be ready May 19. Advance orders taken at Briggs and Briggs's, Cambridge, and at all music stores in Boston. Price $1.25 net. 54 6

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