Law School Examinations.

The following is the proposed order of the annual examinations in the Law School for 1897. All cases of conflict should be reported to Professor Beale at once. All examinations begin at 9 a. m.

Corporations-Monday, June 7.

Pleading, Carriers-Tuesday, June 8.

Bills and Notes-Wednesday, June 9.

Constitutional Law-Thursday, June 10.

Trusts-Friday, June 11.

Torts, Equity Jurisdiction-Saturday, June 12.

Agency-Monday, June 14.

Property I, Property III-Tuesday, June 15.

Sales-Wednesday, June 16.

Persons, Damages-Thursday, June 17.

Criminal Law, Partnership-Friday, June 18.

Evidence-Saturday, June 19.

Insurance, Equity Pleading-Monday, June 21.

Property II-Tuesday, June 22.

Contracts II, Conf. of Laws-Wednesday, June 23.

Contracts I-Thursday, June 24.