Intentions for the Remainder of th ((?)) son.- Changes in Makeup.

The rowing interests of the University ((?)) with the exception of the two ((?)) crews, are now reduced to three ((?)) the 'Varsity, the College, and the ((?)) men-and until the men go to ((?)) keepsie Mr. Lehmann will keep a ((?)) men in training. The intention ((?)) coach the college crew regularly ((?)) it as a pace-maker for the 'Varsi ((?)) finally, to pick the substitutes fr ((?)) go to Poughkeepsie. Thus, M ((?)) mann has now a threefold duty ((?)) form, and is giving more of his ((?)) the University than ever. For t ((?)) the critical period of the year has ((?)) as it is barely six weeks to t ((?)) struggle.

The 'Varsity crew was given a ((?)) shaking up yesterday afternoon. ((?)) man was put in at stroke, J. F. ((?)) was moved to six, Thompson ((?)) two and Bull losing his place. ((?)) ington rowed at five in place of ((?)) who has been there for the last two ((?)) The crew rowed a very snappy ((?)) and lifted the boat along very we ((?)) whether any of the changes ((?)) permanent it is as yet impossible ((?)) J. H. Perkins, who has been ro ((?)) regularly at 5, is badly laid up ((?)) strained side and will not be able ((?)) row again for several days, so this ((?)) the seat at 5 also undecided.

The College crew also rowed in a ((?)) order. Bull rowed at stroke and Dona ((?)) at 5, Hollister going to 3. It was a little difficult at first for the crew to get well together in their new order, but after a few trial stretches they succeeded in keeping their boat steady and lengthened out their stroke.

These changes in the order of the boats are undoubtedly somewhat owing to the fact that Tuesday afternoon the College boat beat the 'Varsity on several short stretches, and in five minutes' rowing left them nearly two lengths.

The complete orders of the two crews are as follows:

Varsity-Stroke, Boardman; 7, Goodrich; 6, Perkins; 5, Wrightington; 4, Sprague; 3, Whitbeck; 2, Thompson; bow, Marvin.

College Crew-Stroke, Bull; 7, McDuffie; 6, Blake; 5, Donald; 4, R. Boardman; 3, Hollister; 2, Swift; bow, Dibblee.

The Freshman crew also underwent a slight alteration Tuesday afternoon. Biddle rowed at 7, Higginson going to 6, and displacing Tilton, but yesterday Biddle was suffering from a strained stomach, so Higginson continued at 7, Gray rowing 6 in place of Tilton, who is temporarily laid up.

The order yesterday was: Stroke, Byrd; 7, Higginson; 6, Gray; 5, Heath; 1, Howard; 3, Glidden; 2, Brown; bow, Saltonstall. Mr. Mumford and Mr. Peabody were out yesterday to watch the practice. Mr. Mumford coached the Freshmen.

The rumors which have become circulated that the new Clasper shell is a failure are unfounded. The boat promises to be very satisfactory and was only used.