Harvard 2d Wins From M. I. T.

The Harvard 2d track team defeated the M. I. T. team on Holmes Field yesterday afternoon by the score of 66 2-3 to 50 1-3. The showing made by the Harvard team was very creditable, and several of the men considerably bettered their records. Foote ran in good form in the two-mile race, winning without difficulty. Antisdell's victory over Grosvenor in the 220 was the surprise of the day. Grosvenor is Technology's crack sprinter, but Antisdell passed him about twenty feet from the finish and won by several feet. The best time was made in the 440, which Fullerton ran on a heavy track in 52 seconds. The summary is as follows:

120 Yards Hurdles-Won by H. L. Williams, H.; second, J. F. Wentworth, T.; third, G. A. Cole, H. Time, 16 4-5s.

100 Yards Dash-Won by A. W. Grosvenor, T.; second, J. D. G. Oglesby, H.; third, L. S. Antisdell, H. Time, 10 2-5s.

One-Mile Run-Won by W. B. Truesdell, H.; second, H. L. Bodwell, T.; third, S. A. Hooker, T. Time, 4m. 42 4-5s.

440-Yards Run-Won by E. D. Fullerton, H.; second, C. B. Stebbins, T.; third, M. L. Butler, H. Time, 52s.

Two-Mile Run-Won by H. W. Foote, H.; second, H. B. Mayhew, T.; third, J. Noble, Jr., H. Time, 10m. 11 4-5s.

220-Yards Hurdles-Won by C. B. Stebbins, T.; second, H. L. Williams, H.; third, B. Hurd, T. Time, 26 3-5s.

220-Yards Dash-Won by L. S. Antisdell, H.; second, A. W. Grosvenor, T.; third, E. J. Green, H. Time, 22 4-5s.

880-Yards Run-Won by A. B. Ruhl, H.; second, F. R. Plumb, Jr., H.; third, F. H. Lathrop, T. Time, 2m. 2 4-5s.

Putting the Shot-Won by H. W. Jones, T.; second, T. Schmit, T.; third, S. F. Mills, H. Distance, 37 ft. 1-2 in.

Throwing the Hammer-Won by W. D. Hennen, H.; second, H. W. Jones, T.; third, W. A. Boal, H. Distance, 118 ft. 6 1-2 in.

Running High Jump-Won by R. H. Loines, H.; second, W. L. Butcher, T., third, J. D. Dole, H.; R. A. Ferguson, T., and A. G. Mason, H. (tied.) Height, 5 ft. 7 7-8 in.

Running Broad Jump-Won by A. W. Grosvenor, T.; second, G. M. Leupp, H.; third, J. T. Harrington, H. Distance, 21 ft. 6 3-4 in.

Pole Vault-Won by E. D. Brooks, H.; second, J. C. Nolte, T.; third, R. A. Garrison, H. Height, 10 ft. 4 in.

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