Official Notice.

GOVERNMENT 4.- Lecture will be omitted today.

J. H. BEALE, JR.GEOLOGY 1 AND 3. EXCURSION TO BLUE HILL OBSERVATORY.- The excursion to Blue Hill will leave Park Square station, Boston, today, at 1.18 p. m. Tickets to Readville. Those who intend to make the whole trip on bicycles should be at the Observatory at 2.30. In case of postponement of this excursion on account of unfavorable weather, a notice will be posted at the Museum before 11 a. m.

R. DEC. WARD.GREEK 10.- No lecture on Saturday, May 15.

JOHN WILLIAMS WHITE.ENGLISH 72.- The next report on Chatterton, with especial reference to the Rowley poems, will be due Monday, May 17.