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The cricket team yesterday added to the successes it has already won this season, by a decisive victory over the strong B. A. A. team by a score of 112 to 78. This is the fifth consecutive game won by Harvard, and the chances for winning the final championship game with Haverford tomorrow seem good.

B. A. A. went to the bat first, but could not do much with Harvard's bowling. Adams was particularly effective, getting seven wickets at a cost of only 32 runs. Good fielding also did much to hold the score down.

The crease was badly cut up when Harvard's inning began, but the batters started in cautiously, and the inning as a whole showed the most consistent and even run-getting of the season. Carleton played a careful and valuable inning for 12, and the next high scorer was Adams with a total of 21. Captain Comfort made the top score of 33 in the best style he has shown this season, and Haughton and Scattergood added 16 and 11 respectively.

The score follows:


R. H. Carleton, b. Patterson, 12

A. Drinkwater, b. Cracknell, 4

D. H. Adams, b. Thorpe, 21

H. C. Perkins, b. Patterson, 0

W. W. Comfort, c. Carter, b. Windler, 33

R. Haughton, c. Patterson, b. Dutton, 16

J. H. Scattergood, b. Dutton, 11

W. C. Webster, b. Dutton, 6

T. M. Hastings, c. Wright, b. Dutton, 0

E. Du Pont, not out, 1

H. G. Gray, b. Windler, 0

Extras, 8

Total, 112

B. A. A.

J. Thorpe, b. Adams, 7

C. Bixby, run out, 0

J. H. Patterson, b. Adams, 12

G. Wright, b. Adams, 0

T. Pettit, c. Scattergood, b. Adams, 7

R. Cracknell, b. Du Pont, 0

C. Windler, c. Du Pont, b. Adams, 3

S. Wright, b. Hastings, 12

W. H. Carter, c. Drinkwater, b. Adams, 16

J. W. Dutton, c. Du Pont, b. Adams, 11

W. Lindsay, not out, 1

Extras, 6

Total, 73

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