The 'Varsity Shows Improvement.- The Webb Shell Used for the First Time.

The University crew rowed Saturday morning and most of the men spent Sunday out of town. J. H. Perkins's side has given him no trouble since he resumed his place in the boat. He greatly strengthens the crew. Mr. Lehmann has expressed himself as pleased with the progress the crew has made during the last week. Fast time has been made for several distances and the crew is rowing with marked smoothness. The men swing long and well together and get their oars in well. The most marked fault is at the finish, some of the men failing to row the stroke clean out together. The order in which the crew is at present rowing is as follows: Stroke, Boardman; 7, Goodrich; 6, Perkins '99; 5, Perkins '98; 4, Sprague; 3, Wrightington; 2, Thompson; bow, Marvin.

Yesterday the crew used the new Webb shell for the first time. The boat is stiff, carries the men well and is on the whole very satisfactory. It will be used from now on regularly. The new Claspar boat which proved somewhat light for the 'Varsity was used yesterday by the Freshmen, who will take it to Worcester on Thursday for their race on Lake .Quinsigamond. A new set of oars has arrived from Douahue and these will be used with the new boat. In all probability the crews and substitutes will leave for Poughkeepsie on the second of June.

The make-up of the College crew has remained unchanged since Donald left. They are rowing a shorter stroke than the 'Varsity and although they have been but a short time together and have a poor boat, they are going fast and well.

The College crew has arranged for a mile race with B. A. A. Wednesday afternoon. After this race the crew will probably be disbanded, four men being selected from their number to go to Poughkeepsie.

The order in the College boat is as follows: Stroke, Bull; 7, McDuffie, 6; Blake; 5, Hollister; 4, Moulton; 3, Whitbeck; 2, Swift; bow, Dibblee.