EXETER CLUB-All members are requested to be present at a meeting tonight at 7 in Ware Hall Gymnasium, for election of next yea's officers.

COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS.- Rice, Bryant, Choate, McKaye, Olds and Parker must be at Pach's in cap and gown at 1 o'clock sharp today for photograph.

CLASSICAL CLUB.- Photographs this afternoon at 1.30 instead of 3.30.

HARVARD FIFE AND DRUM CORPS.- Davenport, Stobbs, Flagg, Holbrooke, Hoyt, Macy, Lee, Fysh, Stoddard and Kelly be at 2 Holworthy today at 12 o'clock with fifes. All men who play piccolos are also asked to attend.

'VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM.- The hat bands are now at the office of the Graduate Manager and may be had on application.

HARVARD BAND will rehearse new music at 2 o'clock sharp in L. S. S.

VARSITY AND FRESHMAN GLEE CLUBS: Members be at Sanders Theatre on Sunday at 3.45 to take part in the Memorial Day services.

WELD CREWS.- Intermediate and Junior crews row at 12 o'clock. Second Junior crew row immediately after the game.

The Harvard Band gave a very successful concert last evening on the south steps of University. The band played "But One Vienna," "Up the Street," "Independencia," "The Honeymoon," "El Capitan" and "The Handicap."