University Calendar.

May 29. Saturday.Last day for receiving applications for Medical School Fellowships or Scholarships for 1897-98 (except the Cheever and Hayden Scholarships).

30. Sunday.Memorial Service. To commemorate the sons of Harvard who fell in the War. Sanders Theatre, 4 p. m.

Address on Colonel Robert Gould Shaw by Major Henry L. Higginson. Singing by the Glee Club. Doors open to members of the University at 3.30 p. m. Public admitted after 3.45 p. m. No tickets required.

Appleton Chapel, 7.30 p. m. Rev. S. D. McConnell, D. D., of Brooklyn, N. Y.

Rev. F. G. Peabody, D. D., will conduct morning prayers from June 1 to June 10, and Bishop J. H. Vicent from June 11 to June 17.

Dr. Peabody may be found at Wadsworth House 1 daily from 9 till 11.

31. Monday.Celebration of Memorial Day. A holiday in all departments of the University.

June 1. Tuesday.Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Meeting at University 5, 4 p. m.

Last day for receiving applications for Scientific School and Law School Scholarsships for 1897-98.

Examinations in the Dental School begin.

Lecture. Private Life in the Odyssey. (Illustrated with stereopticon.) Dr. A. S. Cooley. Harvard 1, 7 p. m.

Open to the public.

Geological Conference. Papers: On Some Neocene Lava-flows of the Sierra Nevada, California. Dr. F. L. Ransome. Geological Laboratory, Room 2, M. Z., 7.45 p. m.

Open to all members of the University.

2. Wednesday.Examinations in the Medical School begin.

3. Thursday.Examinations under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences begin.