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Flaherty, D J, 45 Dunster Hall

Flanders, J

Fleming, G E, 396 Harvard street

Follansbee, A, The Dunster

Forbes, R S, 42 Holyoke House

Forman, L C, 25 Dunster

Foss, M M, Newtonville, Mass

Foster, E S, 342 Harvard street

Foster, R W, 61 Brattle street

Fox, H H, 99 Irving street

Frank, J, Trinity Hall

Freiberg, H A, 8 Holyoke House

French, H L, 61 Brattle street

Friend, A S, 86 Perkins

Frost, D M, 26 Dunster street

Fuller, A G, 3 Manter Hall

Fuller, A N, 40 Perkins

Fyshe, J C, 126 Mt Auburn street

Gardner, W J, 1671 Cambridge street

Garland, C, Concord, Mass

Garrison R A, 42 Perkings

George E H, 19 Hastings

Gilbert, C E, 5 Warland street

Gilman, A S, 5 Waterhouse street

Gilman, C S, Waverley, Mass

Glidden, J M, Jr, 1 Little's

Goddard, S P, 40 Kirkland street

Goodhue, E E, 7 Buckingman place

Goodrich, C W, 10 Gibbens street, Somerville

Goodridge, A M, 38 Grays

Gotthold, A F, 19 Conant

Gould, A C, 1716 Cambridge street

Gray, E, Jr, 18 Shepherd's Block

Graydon, J A, 7 Hilton

Greene, F R, 4 Arrow street

Grossman, A, 13 Mt Auburn street

Gulick, F C, 52 College House

Harbeck, C J, 5 Linden street

Hardon, C, 69 Perkins

Harris, A E, 5 Linden street

Harris, D G, 5 Linden street

Hart, F A, Jr

Hasbrouck, A, 29 College House

Hathaway, J W, 1119 Dartmouth street, Boston.

Hatch, R C, 1727 Cambridge street

Haughton, R, 64 College House

Hawes, J B, 2d, 17 Dunster street

Hawley, T R, 40 Newhall street, Malden

Hayes, C R, 26 Ware Hall

Heard, E, 17 Shepherd's Block

Heath, R C, 41 Matthews

Hebbard, C S, 147 Harvard street

Hedges, R S, 7 Conant

Heilman, W C, 96 Prescott street

Herbert, C G, 56 Dartmouth street, Somerville

Hersey, C B, 61 Oxford street

Higginson, F L, Jr, 20 Claverly

Hilliard, L E, 63 Perkins

Hills, A S, 42 Kirkland street

Hinkley, T T, 6 Riedesel aveune

Hirsch, M, 18 Conant

Hirshberg, H S, 1553 Beacon street, Brookline

Hobbs, C, 41 Matthews

Holbrook, C A, 21 Oakland street, Melrose

Holden, A B, 44 Matthews

Holland, R S, 54 Hastings

Holliday, J H, 65 Mt Auburn street

Hollings, C B, 82 Perkins

Hollis, A W,

Holt, W L, 32 Matthews

Hopkins, F G, 9 De Wolfe street

Hopkins, R G, 6 Read's Block

Hosley, W A, 1640 Cambridge street

Howard, E W, 60 Mt Auburn street

Howard, H S, 57 Brattle street

Howe, G P, 32 Little's Block

Howes, O, Jr, 8 Holyoke street

Howland, C A, Jr, 43 Weld

Howland, L, 31 Holyoke street

Hoyting, G J, 29 Cherry street, Waltham

Hubbard, H R, 61 W Bellevue avenue, N Cambridge

Hubbard, G G, 2d, 28 Holyoke street

Hunt, R M, 6 Prescott Hall

Ingraham, E, 29 Matthews

Jay, A, Jr, 10 Claverly

Jones, B E, Concord

Jones, W, 26 Stoughton

Kahn, I, 9 Trinity Hall

Kaufman, B, 31 Conant

Kent, J D, Jr, 14 Perkins

Kent, R R, 360 Harvard street

Kernan, J D, Jr, 42 Kirkland street

Kidner, F C, 61 Brattle street

Klase, T J, Jr, Winchester

Kullmer, C J, 36 Mt Auburn street

Kullmer, J M, 36 Mt Auburn street

Kutscher, F E, 421 Broadway

Lambert, W D, 42 Perkins

Lane, C J, 827 Broadway, So Boston

Lane, F W. 59 Perkins

Ledyard, L C, Jr, 25 Claverly

Lee, J H, 31 Perkins

Lee, R E, 47 Weld

Leen, M E

Leiter, H L, 46 Prescott Hall

Lewis, H van H, 14 Brewer's Block

Lewis, S W, 40 Harvard ave, Brookline

Linenthal, H L, 25 Divinity

Livermore, R, 18 Plympton street

Lodge, J E, 16 Prescott Hall

Loughlin, E F, Concord

McAllister, R W, 360 Harvard street

McCloskey, J E, 13 Oxford street

McCornick, W S, 34 Dunster Hall

McCurdy, R M, 65 Hammond street

Mac Farland, G S, 42 Bowdoin street

McGawley, J E, Jamaica Plain

Mac Kaye, E B, 32 Divinity

McLeod, W P, 96 Inman street

Mahoney, R M, 29 Conant

Miller, R R, 16 Oxford street

Maleinckrodt, E, 38 Claverly

Manahan, R F

Manding, F T, 11 Felton Hall

Marean, H E, 46 Brewster street

Mason, H W, 25 Hollis

Mason, R L, 22 Felton

Mayo, H R, 58 Hammond street

Melcher, H K, 42 College House

Mifflin, G H, 9 Claverly

Miller, P C, 37 Trowbridge street

Morison, G A, 30 Matthews

Morison, H, 19 Hastings

Morrill, C H, 6 Hilton

Morrill, F X, 40 College House

Morrison, F W, Allston

Morrison, J F, 10 College House

Morrow, W, 13 Stoughton

Morse, H H, 53 Wendell street

Morss, J H, 25 College House

Moseby, J F, 14 Oxford street

Musson, S L, Jr, 11 Holyoke

Nagle, W J, 33 Carver street, Boston

Nelson, L, 25 Divinity

Nichol, L F, 11 Warland

Nichols, G, 53 Trowbridge street

Nixdorff, C E, Jr, 22 Holyoke

Oakman, C S, 83 King street, Dorchester

Odell, A S, 14 Howland street

Ordway, T, 766 Dudley street, Dorchester

Osborn, W J, 17 Lee street

Osborn, F W, 96 Prescott street

Owen, E W, 50 College House

Palmer, F, Jr, 11 Quincy street

Parchen, H J, 31 Little's Block

Parker, H, 18 Plympton street

(Continued on fourth page.)

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