List of Dissertation Subjects Set by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

1. The relation of the mathematical theory of elasticity to the designing of engineering structures.

2. The electrical and ether theories of the Roentgen rays.

3. Analogies between the state of solution and the ceriform state.

4. Relations of vegetable parasites to their hosts.

5. The importance of biochemistry and its relation to morphology.


6. The line of mammalian descent.

7. A discussion of the evidences of change of level of sea or land along the Atlantic coast of North America since the beginning of the cretaceous period.

One prize for a dissertation on any of the following subjects:

1. The private character and public policy of Demosthenes.

2. The life and writings of Bacchylides.

3. The fortifications of ancient Athens.

4. Was the Government of Athens in the middle of the fifth century B. C. really democratic?

5. Possible sources of Roman Satire in Greek mimes.

6. The character of the Emperor Claudius.

7. Fortune tellers and astrologers under the early Roman Emperors.

8. The Germans in Latin literature. One prize for a composition in Greek or Latin:

1. An original essay in Greek, of 2000 to 2500 words, on any subject chosen by the competitor.

2. An original essay in Latin, of 2000 to 2500 words, on any subject chosen by the competitor.