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We wish to draw attention to the approaching meeting to organize the Graduate Athletic Association. It will be held next Wednesday evening in Sanders Theatre, and undergraduates are invited to be present. The upper gallery will be reserved for them, and whatever space may remain downstairs.

In addition to the interest which is sure to be aroused by addresses from such prominent graduates as Mr. Bancroft and Mr. Roosevelt, the business which is to be transacted is as important as has ever come up for consideration in the social and athletic side of Harvard life. The organization proposed, will, if ably conducted, find its field of usefulness constantly broadening, and this field is one which is the province of no organization now in existence. To hear this question discussed by the large and representative body who seem likely to attend will certainly be an event of importance to undergraduates.

The meeting will attract to Cambridge an unusually large number of visiting graduates, and a special effort should be made by all the clubs to give them a hospitable reception, in spite of the proximity of the examinations.

Since the vacation the basket ball teams have dissolved and the practice has resulted in scrub games after the 5 o'clock class in the Gymnasium. Enough men play to make up several teams, but the chief difficulty has been in getting regular attendance.