Men for Harvard Team Races to be Chosen Tonight.

The ninth annual indoor handicap meeting of the Boston Athletic Association will be held on Saturday, February 5, at 7.30 p. m., in Mechanics Hall, Boston.

The following college team races will be run:

Harvard vs. Yale, Harvard second vs. Bowdoin, Harvard class races, University of Pennsylvania vs. Holy Cross, Cornell vs. Columbia, Dartmouth vs. Brown, Amherst vs. Williams, Boston College vs. M. I. T.

There will be a mile invitation race from scratch which will include, among other entries: D. Grant M. S., A. Grant, U. of P.; G. W. Orton, H. Speers, Yale; J. Creegan, Princeton, and Bray of Williams.

There will also be an invitation 40 yds. dash, with a special prize if the record of 4 3-5s. for that distance is broken; and a scratch 440 yds. run, open to all amateurs.


The open handicap events will be as follows: 40 yds. dash, 9 ft. limit; 600 yds. run, 30 yds. limit; 45 yds. high hurdle race, 3 flights 3 ft. 6 ins. high, 9 ft. limit; putting 16 lb. shot, 7 ft. limit; running high jump, 6 in. limit; 1000 yds. run, 50 yds. limit; 1 mile run, 70 yds, limit.

First, second and third prizes will be given in all events except the team races. The entries close tonight; the fee is fifty cents for each event.

The Harvard team race trials were run yesterday. The men will be chosen tonight and their names and the captains of the different teams will be published in tomorrow's CRIMSON.