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A very enthusiastic meeting was held last night in response to the call for candidates for the Mott Haven team. A large number of graduates, some of whom were point winners, and others merely interested in track athletics, were present and spoke of the great interest felt by all graduates for the different teams.

Captain Bigelow briefly outlined the indoor work for the season, which will be somewhat lighter than heretofore. No men will be allowed to enter indoor games after March 1, in order that the men may have a thorough rest before the work on the track begins. The dual games with Pennsylvania have been given up, as the experience last year shows that three sets of games in one month are too many.

Mr. Lathrop then spoke of the training and of the good it would do men even if they did not make the team. On account of the increasing number of candidates there will be several special coaches this year for some of the events. These will coach the men particularly on style.

G. B. Morrison, the chairman of the meeting, spoke of the rising interest in track athletics, which are now considered as one of the four chief sports.

Among the other speakers of the evening were Dr. Frank Wells '64, the donor of the Wells Cup; G. Wells '86; W. F. Garcelon, who will coach the hurdlers; L. Frothingham '94, B. G. Waters '94, Dr. Bradford, a member of the athletic committee; and C. Curtis, who stroked two winning 'Varsity crews. Mr. Perry, who will coach the weight putters, was also present.

The following one hundred and fifty-four men handed in their names as candidates for the team:

Dashes-C. B. Palmer 1901, B. M. Brownell 1901, G. H. Gerrish 1901, T. E. Burke 1901, C. W. Nieman 1901, L. W. Redpath '98, G. B. Fenwick 1900, R. S. Silver 1901, M. Reed 1900, C. M. Bill 1900, H. S. Antisdell 1900, J. S. Dunstan 1900, J. H. Holmes 1900, S. Crosby 1901, J. F. Sanborn '99, R. W. Kingan 1901, A. B. Chandler 1900, A. Sturgis 1900, A. W. Robinson 1901, A. A. Cobb 1900, H. C. Hunter 1900, G. J. Holliday 1901, J. T. Roche, Jr., '99, N. W. Willard Gr., A. A. Boyden '98, W. R. Castle 1900, E. J. Sanderson 1900, H. C. Force 1901, V. F. Costa 1900, G. Nichols 1900, T. R. Bateman 1900, M. L. Bernstein 1901, M. M. Foss 1900, E. H. Smith 1900, C. L. Slocum '99, E. J. Tapper L. S., W. G. Phippen 1900, D. P. Wheelwright 1901, W. A. Heilprin 1901, F. C. Todd 1900, S. G. Wellington 1900, H. N. Forbes 1901, P. L. Fish 1901, W. G. Clerk 1901, C. F. Wellington 1901, D. Hawkins '99, C. J. Kullmer 1900, P. H. Moore 1901, H. H. Roberts '98, R. L. Mason 1900, H. H. Fish '99, E. D. Fullerton '98, F. B. Granger '99, J. Angus, Jr., 1900, W. A. Applegate 1901, E. F. Phillips '98, J. O. Wells 1900, C. C. Mann '99, A. R. Ballard 1901, A. L. Dean 1900, E. D. Harlow, Jr., '99, D. D. Evans 1901.

Distance runs-P. E. Coyle 1901, O. W. Brand 1901, C. F. Wellington 1900, E. Ingraham 1900, A. Scott L. S., R. C. Hatch 1900, G. A. Morison 1900, W. B. Newlin 1901, N. B. Breed M. S., D. Grant M. S., H. B. Smith 1900, W. G. Mortland 1901, L. S. Jackson 1901, O. W. Richardson '99, T. M. Rotch, Jr., 1901, F. C. Smith 1900, H. B. Moore 1900, R. Haughton 1900, F. Rawle, Jr., L. B. Keyes '99, H. B. Clark 1901, D. L. Robinson '99, A. R. Campbell '99, C. H. Williams Gr., A. B. Ruhl '99, A. R. Smith '99, S. H. Bush 1901, H. Howard 1901, E. W. Mills 1901, M. T. Nichols 1901, E. A. Starbuck '98, J. C. Miller 1901, E. F. Alexander '99, H. S. Hyde 1901, L. B. Shay 1900, H. A. Wadleigh 1900, F. M. Ives 1901, A. S. Clark 1900, E. R. Fay 1901.

Hurdles-J. L. Bremer M. S., M. Bartlett 1901, J. T. Harrington '99, C. H. Whitney 1901, J. W. Hallowell 1901, F. B. Fox L. S., G. C. Arvedson '99, J. B. Rorer '99, W. P. Woodbury 1900, W. G. Morse '99, L. Warren 1900, S. P. Goddard 1900, R. R. Rummery '99, F. Palmer Jr., 1900, L. Eaton 1900, G. D. Dutton '99.

Pole vault-A. B. Emmons 2nd, '98, W. W. Hoyt M. S., R. Anthony 1901, E. D. Brooks '99, R. A. Garrison 1900, L. E. Hurd '99.

Weight events-E. H. Clark L. S., P. Jaffray '99, H. H. Fox 1900, C. O. Swain 1900, S. G. Ellis 1901, R. Clapp '99, F. B. Newton L. S., J. Frank 1900, J. N. Trainor, Jr., 1900.

Jumps-C. M. Rotch 1901, J. W. Edson '98, H. J. Holt '98, J. G. Clarke '98, C. F. Shaw 1901, C. N. Prouty, Jr., 1901, C. S. Edgell '99, S. S. Beardsley Gr.

Bicycle Race-E. Warner '98, E. Mayer '99, H. G. Colvin L. S., G. F. Hurt '99, F. Pope, R. Dow L. S.

Walk-A. E. Wright '99, C. H. Bell 1900, G. O. Thacher 1901, S. L. Munson, Jr., 1900.

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