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The attention of the undergraduates as well as of all members of the University is called to the following letter, which has just been sent to the recent graduating classes of Harvard:


The Harvard Graduates' Magazine should have at least one thousand more subscribers in order to maintain its efficiency. The Council of the Magazine Association finds that the proportion of subscribers from the more recent classes is much lower than among the older graduates, but it believes that this disproportion is not due to a lack of interest on the part of the younger Harvard men, but to the fact that the need of a large number of regular and loyal subscribers has not been sufficiently brought to the attention of the more recent classes. The Council, therefore, sends you this explanation and appeal.

During the past five years the Harvard Graduates' Magazine has been a register of the University activities, of the life of the students, and of the interests of Harvard men in all parts of the world. It prints regularly news from more than sixty College Classes, twenty-five Harvard Clubs, and the Associations of all the Professional Schools. It furnishes a compact and authentic record of College sports. It has printed many articles of general interest by eminent Harvard men. It has given memoirs and portraits of the most distinguished of our worthies, and views of the new College buildings as they have been erected. It keeps a record of the literary productions of Harvard men, and prints critical reviews of the more important works. It publishes quarterly the official records of the Corporation, a list of marriages, and the necrology of the Alumni. It includes in its news temporary members and special students in all departments of the University. The Governing Boards regard it as a valuable medium for extending the influence and making known the resources of Harvard University.

The Council of the Magazine Association believes that in no other way can a Harvard man make two dollars ($2.00) serve so well the double purpose of helping the University and of strengthening the common interests of Harvard men throughout the land, as by supporting the Magazine, and therefore it invites you to subscribe and to urge your friends to do so. The Magazine depends on the loyalty of Harvard men for its support, and according to the extent of this support must be the measure of the Magazine's usefulness. For five years it has held a unique position among American periodical publications, and the Council earnestly believes that the younger Harvard men will not fail to increase its usefulness, when they realize that their co-operation is needed.

The Magazine is published quarterly, in September, December, March and June, each volume beginning with the September number. It makes an annual volume of over six hundred pages, with illustrations. The annual subscription is two dollars ($2.00).

Remittance of subscriptions should be made by check, draft or postal money order, payable to the order of the "Harvard Graduates' Magazine," 6 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. The sending of bills, except by registered letter, is at the risk of the sender.

This communication is signed by the Council of the Harvard Graduates' Magazine Association:

Henry Lee '36, President; Charles Francis Adams '56, Robert Todd Lincoln '64, James Read Chadwick '65, James Barr Ames '68, Joseph Bangs Warner '69, Roger Wolcott '70, Charles Joseph Bonaparte '71, William Lawrence '71, Henry Sayre Van Duzer '75, Francis Cabot Lowell '76, Henry Sylvester Nash '78, Winthrop Howland Wade '81, Treasurer; Henry Winchester Cunningham '82, James Atkins Noyes '83, Secretary; James Jackson Storrow '85.

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