Special Notice.

HARVARD MEN.- Ducharme's barber shop is the only one reserved for your patronage in Cambridge. For years with Young's Hotel. Now post office block. At popular prices. Bring your razors for sharpening, etc. 2-tf

TYPEWRITING, Weaver 44 CollegeHouse

MR. FRED. W. WHITAKER, of Whitaker and Co., Tailors, 43 Conduitstreet, London, W., has arrived at Young's Hotel, Boston, with special samples for spring and summer. He will be there until the 28th inst. Hotel hours 8 to 11 a. m., 4.30 to 7 p. m. Appointments by letter. 8 13

EVERY man in college ought to take advantage of the closing out sale of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers now going on at Newman's shoe store Owing to the fact that our store is about to undertake extensive alterations we are obliged to clean out entire stock of fine Shoes and Rubbers regardless of cost. The goods must be sold quick. Now is your chance. Come in and see if there is anything you want.

NEWMAN THE SHOEMAN, 1288 Mass. Ave.CHOICE editions of Stevenson, Kipling, Bret Harte, Poe, Field, Lowell, Holmes, Emerson, Hawthorne, Whittier, Longfellow, Parkman, Dickens, Scott, Dumas, Bulwer, Hugo, Balzac, Eliot, Irving, Reade, Mark Twain, Arabian Nights unexpurgated, Lady Jackson's Works, Secret Court Memoirs, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias. All authors. Payments of $1 or $2 per month satisfactory. X, Crimson office. 7 4i


NEWMAN the Shoeman has the Agency for the White and the Featherstone Bicycles. Call in and look at them.

STUDENTS.- Buy and Sell your College Text Books at the Harvard Book Store, 33 Brattle St. 1tf

TO LET, at 12 Dunster street, one pleasant room suitable for a club table of 6 or 8. Meals served in students' rooms. 18-meal ticket, $5.00; 30-meal ticket, $7.00. First class service. Good board.

GEORGE T. MOFFATT is the only shorthand stenographer in Cambridge that makes a specialty of students' work. He pays special attention to typewriting Themes, Theses, Forensics and Briefs. Low rates for Dictation. Crimson office.

WE have on hand a few framed pictures that we wish the owners would call for. Pach Bros. 2 4

BOXING.- Do you want to take boxing lessons? If so there is no better man than Wm. S. Gordon, who has been appointed instructor at the Gymnasium. Lessons at Gymnasium or at rooms. Wm. S. Gordon, 75 Boylston street, Boston. 27tf

TO LET.- For second half year, 67 and 69 College House; one room furnished, one unfurnished. No reasonable offer refused.

IF K 49 will call at this office he will find a number of answers to his special notice.

ONE of the best rooms in Quincy Hall to let for balance of year at half price, as the occupant will leave College. Inquire of janitor. 2 3