Official Notice.

ENGLISH 31.- Lists of conferences with Mr. Gardiner and with Mr. la Rose are posted this morning on the door of 18 Grays.

MATH E.- New section list will be posted on Wednesday, Feb. 23, in University, south entry.

HISTORY 13.- The next paper will be on Thursday, Feb. 24. Subject: "Appointments and removals." Paper No. 15 will be omitted.

COMMITTEE on Special Students.- Change of office hours of chairman. During the second half-year office hours will be 12.30 to 1.15, at College Office, University Hall, 4.

PHIL. 18.- Chapters I and II of Herbert Spencer's Essay on Education to be read for Monday, Feb. 21.

HISTORY 10.- Conferences.- Upper Massachusetts: Monday, 1.30-2.30 p. m.; Tuesday, 12-1; Wednesday, 1.30-2.30; Friday, 12-1; Saturday, 12-1.