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The 'Varsity and Freshman baseball squads have been going through the usual routine of cage work now for some time. Fielding grounders, sliding bases, and practicing starts constitute the bulk of the work which usually terminates with a run and light gymnastic exercises.

Throughout the period of time the nines have been working, it has been a difficult matter to predict anything definite as to prospects, as the work indoors is so limited that it can from no basis for a general criticim. The uneven surface of the cage makes accurate fielding almost impossible.

The men with the 'Varsity squad who were on the nine last year are practicing batting. In the morning they baagainst professional pitchers and in the afternoon face the candidates for pitcher.

The battery candidates from both squads practice together under the supervision of Mr. Lewis.

The first call for Freshman candidates brought out few men, owing to the conflict of hours with those of the crew squad. A few more men responded to the second call, but the squad is still a poor representation from a Freshman class, as large as the present one.

With yesterday's practice, G. W. Thompson '99, took the place of E. H. Sears '99, as coach of the Freshman squad for the remainder of the season. Plans of development have not yet been definitely decided upon, but it is more than likely that the same system of appointing temporary captains will be pursued. It is also probable that the squad will be cut down this year, before the regular out-door work begins.

This would enable the coaches to give more individual attention to the candidates, and would save their time being hampered by a bulky squad.

Yesterday afternoon, R. Fincke was appointed temporary captain.

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