A Number Will be Considered at the I. C. A. A. Meeting Feb. 26.

The special committee which was appointed for the purpose of revising the constitution of the Intercollegiate Athletic Association will submit several important amendments at the annual meeting of the association to be held in New York February 26. The committee consists of Henry W. Howe '97, of Harvard; Oliver Sheras, of Cornell, G. T. Kirby, of Columbia; and Murdock Kendrick, of the University of Pennsylvania. During the past three months these men have been at work on the constitution, and have conferred with the prominent athletic authorities of the country, the majority of whom favor the proposed changes.

The most important amendment, that relating to the training tables, provides that every athlete shall pay a certain part of his board expenses; the same rate which he has paid before being taken to the table. This is the rule by which Harvard training tables have always been regulated, and it is proposed to make it general for the purpose of decreasing the possibility of securing good athletes by offering them their expenses at the training tables.

Another amendment is the substitution of a three mile run in place of the one mile walk. This amendment, however, is not to go into effect until after the next set of championship games. The changing of the order of events, so that the 440 yards dash will be preceded by the one mile run instead of followed by it, as formerly, also will not take effect until the games of 1899.

Another change provides that there shall be no pacemakers in any of the bicycle races. The question of having a one-third of a mile bicycle track built outside of the regular track at Berkeley Oval has also been discussed. This would be of great advantage as it would make it possible to hold the bicycle races at the same time and place as the other events.

Several minor changes have been made in the order and wording of the articles and by-laws of the constitution.


The last amendment which will be made is a change of one section of the rules regulating the awarding the championship cup. As changed it will read as follows: "In bicycle as well as field event points shall be counted as follows: A first place shall count five points; a second place shall count three points; a third place shall count two points; a fourth place shall count one point." However there will be no fourth prize.